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(Updated as on 25/07/2016) DEPARTMENT OF ADMINISTRATIVE REFORMS & PUBLIC GRIEVANCES (MINISTRY OF PERSONNEL, PUBLIC GRIEVANCES & PENSIONS) INFORMATION UNDER SECTION 4(1)(b) OF THE RIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT, 2005  The Department of AR&PG is under Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions and is headed by Secretary (AR&PG). The Department has one Additional Secretary, two Joint Secretaries and six divisional heads namely (i) Director (Admin. (ii) Director (Documentation and Dissemination), (iii)Deputy Secretary (Administrative Reforms & IE &C), (iv) Deputy Secretary (e-Gov.), (v) Deputy Secretary (ARC and O&M) and (vi) Deputy Secretary(Public Grievances). In the Department, for major policy decisions, the file is submitted through the divisional heads to Additional Secretary/ Joint Secretary to Secretary (AR&PG) and finally to Minister of State for Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions. Besides, the Director (Administration) is also designated as Head of the Department (HoD) and Under Secretary (General Administration) is designated as Head of Office (HoO) and exercises financial, administrative powers as per laid down procedures and rules of Government of India. OFFICERS OF THE DEPARTMENT Shri C Viswanath, Secretary Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances, Room No. 514, Fifth Floor, Sardar Patel Bhavan, New Delhi. Tel.No. 011- 23742546 Fax. 011-23742133 Smt. Usha Sharma, Additional Secretary Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances Room No. 509 Fifth Floor, Sardar Patel Bhavan, New Delhi. Tel.No.011-23741004 FAX: 011-23741005  Smt. Smita Kumar, Joint Secretary (AR, IE &C, O&M, PG) Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances, Room No. 508 Fifth Floor, Sardar Patel Bhavan, New Delhi. Tel.No.011-23360208 FAX: 011-23360352  Ms. Kiran Puri, Joint Secretary (Adm, eGov, ARC) Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances, Room No. 507 Fifth Floor, Sardar Patel Bhavan, New Delhi. Tel : 011-23360331 Fax: 011-23360331 WORK/ DUTIES OF ITS OFFICERS AND EMPLOYEES 1) ADMINISTRATION AND COORDINATION DIVISION  (a) Administration & Coordination  Shri Vanraj A. Chavda, Director, (Admn.& Coord) Room No.515A Tel.No.23745472 Intercom.No.408 Shri Khamchin Naulak  Under Secretary (Admn) Room No.518A Tel: 23401453 Intercom: 453 Shri Arun Kumar Sarkar Under Secretary (General Admn) Room No. 518A Tel: 23401441 Intercom: 441 Shri Rakesh Chandra  Section Officer (Gen. Admn.) Room No. 524,  Tel: 23401488 Intercom: 488. Section Officer (Admn.) Room No. 524, Tel: 23401444 Intercom: 444  (b) OFFICIAL LANGUAGE  Shri Vanraj A. Chavda, Director, (Admn.& Coord) Room No.515A Tel.No.23745472 Intercom.No.408  Deputy Director(OL)  Western Hall Tel: 23401430 Intercom:430  WORK ALLOCATED  1. All establishment matters of Group A, B, C & D officers and staff of the Department. 2. General Administration, Office maintenance etc. 3. Budget, Cash & Accounts. 4. General Coordination including Parliamentary matters. 5. Implementation of RTI Act in the Department. 6. Implementation of Official Language Policy. 7. Work relating to FR &SR 8. Any other subject allocated by the Secretary (AR&PG).  2) INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE & COOPERATION DIVISION  Smt. Richa Gaharwar Deputy Secretary Room no. 511 Tel: 23743030 Intercom : 404 Shri J. K. Ambawani, Under Secretary,  Eastern Hall 505E Tel: 23744391 Intercom: 476  Shri Pramod Bhardwaj Under Secretary  Room No.505C Tel : 23401475 Intercom: 475 WORK ALLOCATED  1. International exchange and cooperation in the field of Civil Services, Personnel Management and Public Administration. 2. Interaction with Commonwealth Association for Public Administration and Management (CAPAM) and International Institute of Administrative Sciences, Brussels, Belgium.  3. UNDP Project: Strengthening Public Administration and Governance.  4. Any other subject allocated by the Secretary (AR&PG).  3) ADMINISTRATIVE REFORMS DIVISION Smt Richa Gaharwar, Deputy Secretary Room No.511  Tel: 23743030  Intercom: 404  Shri Alok Jagbharia,  Under Secretary (AR.I)  Room No.518 D, Tel: 23401428 Intercom: 428 Shri Gya Prasad, Under Secretary (AR-II) Room No. 518-B Tel: 23401415 Intercom: 415 Smt. Namrata Kumari Section Officer Room No. 518 Tele.No. 23401433 Intercom: 433 WORK ALLOCATED 1. Civil Services Day. 2. Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Public Administration. 3. Funding to the States under State Collaboration Initiatives Scheme 4. Inter Services Workshop 5. Replication of PM Award Winning Initiatives. 6. Any other subject allocated by the Secretary (AR&PG). 4) ARC DIVISION Shri. Anurag Srivastava Deputy Secretary Room No. 515  Tel: 23362325 Intercom: 409  Shri Soumitra Bandyopadhyay, Under Secretary (ARC-II), Room No. 518 C, Tele.No.23401426 Intercom: 426 Shri Sunil Kumar Singh, Section Officer (ARC) Room No. 518,Western Hall Tele No.: 23401432 Intercom: 432 WORK ALLOCATED 1. Follow up action with the Nodal Ministries and the States regarding Institutional Mechanism relating to the implementation of the accepted recommendations of the Administrative Reforms Commission. 2. Action taken status on each of Administrative Reforms Commission Reports to the Cabinet. 3. Parliamentary matters / Standing Committee matters relating to Administrative Reforms. 4. Any other subject allocated by the Secretary (AR&PG).  5) e-Governance Division Shri Raj Kumar Deputy Secretary Room no. 517 Tel: 23360369 Intercom : 405 Shri Din Dayal Under Secretary (e-Gov.) Room No. 505B Tel: 23401457  Intercom:457  Smt Vibhuti Panjiyar Under Secretary Room No.505 Tel:23401456  Intercom: 456  Shri K. S. Nagendra Section Officer 505 - Eastern Hall, Tele. No. 23401458 Intercom: 481 WORK ALLOCATED 1. Coordinating and supporting implementation of National e-Governance Plan through : (i). National Conference on e-Governance. (ii) National awards on e-Governance. (iii) e-Office Mission Mode Project (6) PUBLIC GRIEVANCES DIVISION Smt. Sumita Das Gupta Deputy Secretary, Room No. 508 A  Tel: 23401409 Intercom: 409 Shri Hemant Verma Under Secretary,  Room No. 504 Tel: 23401474 Intercom: 474  Shri Harihar Sukla, Under Secretary, Eastern Hall  Tel: 23401468 Intercom: 468 Smt. Pratibha Ahuja, Under Secretary, Eastern Hall Tele.23401467 Intercom 467 Smt. Nita M Dharmani Under Secretary Western Hall. Tele 23401429 Intercom:429 Ms. Madhurima Rampal Section Officer, Eastern Hall  Tel: 23401465 Intercom: 465 Ms. Anita Arora Section Officer Eastern Hall Tel : 23401464 Intercom : 464 Shri V. R. Muthu Kumar, Section Officer, Tel: 23401458., Eastern Hall, Intercom: 458 WORK ALLOCATED 1. Implementation of Quality Management System “Sevottam” in the Ministries and Departments of GOI and in State Governments/UT Administration.  2. Formulation and implementation of Sevottam compliant Citizen’s/ Client’s Charter and any other activities related to formulation, implementation and review of CC in the Govt. of India Ministries, Departments and its organisations and also States and UTs.  3. Updation of Citizen’s Charter and the website goicharters.nic.in maintained by the Division with technical support from NIC.  4. Secretariat assistance to the Standing Committee headed by Cabinet Secretary in respect of redress of grievances of the officers of the level of JS and above.  5. Work relating to Centralised Public Grievance Redress and Monitoring (CPGRAM) as developed in the Division with technical support from NIC at pgportal.gov.in 6. Training of officers in all Ministries/Departments of Govt. of India on CPGRAMS.  7. Monitoring and Review of pendency in redress of grievances in all Central Ministries/Departments.  8. Forwarding of Public Grievances pertaining to the State Govts. and UT Administrations.  9.Matters relating to Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Grievaces.  10. Formulation of guidelines/instructions to improve redress mechanism of the GOI.  11. Reforms to improve public service delivery in Central Ministries/Deptts. and in State Governments as per their willingness.  11. Issue of Guidelines on Information and Facilitation Centre(IFC).  12. Updation of the list of Director of Grievances and Issue of Advertisement in national dailies for nation wide publicity for facility of the citizens in the country, subject to budget allocation.  13. Coordination of Budget, Administration, Annual Action Plan and RFD activities of PG Division.  14. Strengthening and Capability Building of State Administrative Training Institutes for imparting training in Quality Management System for improving public Service delivery. 15. Organizing workshops on reforms in public service delivery for Central Ministries Departments and at District level. 16. Extending online CPGRAM with local language interface to State Governments as per their willingness. 17. Work relating to Right based legislation for time bound service delivery and grievance redress.  18. Any other subject allotted by the Secretary (AR&PG). (7) DOCUMENTATION AND DISSEMINATION DIVISION Smt. Alpana Sukla Rao Director, Room No.517 Tel: 23362369  Intercom: 405 Shri Jitendra Sihwag,  Under Secretary,  Eastern Hall 505E Tel: 23744391 Intercom: 473  Shri Dhananjay Kumar, Under Secretary, Room No.505-C, Tel: 23401445 Intercom: 445 Shri Ambrish B. Kishore Asstt. Editor Eastern Hall Tel: 23401469 Intercom: 469  Shri Santosh Kumar, Section Officer (D&D) Eastern Hall Tele.No.23401470 Intercom: 470 Shri Rakesh Kumar Pal Asstt. Library cum Information Officer Tel: 23401477  Intercom: 477 WORK ALLOCATED 1. Identification, documentation and dissemination of best practices.  2. Publication of monthly newsletter “Civil Services News” (CSN). 3. Publication of quarterly journal “Management in Government” (MIG). 4. Publication of a book on Best Practices. 5. Organization of Presentation on Best Practices. 6. Production of documentary films on best practices.  7. Grant of financial assistance to the State Governments for professional documentation of best practices.  8. Research and Evaluation studies. 9. Governance Knowledge centre webportal.  10. Any other subject allocated by the Secretary (AR&PG). (8) O & M Division Shri Anurag Srivastava Deputy Secretary, Tel.No.23362325 Room No.515 Intercom.No.409 Smt. Renu Arora Under Secretary (O&M) Tel: 23401427 Room No. 518C Intercom: 427 Vacant Section Officer (O&M) Tel: 23401455 Room No.518,  Intercom: 455 WORK ALLOCATED  1. Formulation and implementation of common office procedures. 2. Publication and updating of the CSMOP and implementation of its provisions. 3. Aiding and advising the State Governments on O&M aspects. 4. Quality Management in Government including laying down norms and standards for processes. 5. RFD-Co-Ordination. 6. Any other subject allocated by the Secretary (AR&PG). (iii) The procedure followed in the decision making process, including channels of supervision and accountability; (a) ORGANISATION CHART (b) CHANNEL OF SUBMISSION AND LEVEL OF FINAL DISPOSAL OF CASES IN RESPECT OF COMMON ITEMS OF WORK HANDLED BY DEPARTMENT OF ADMINISTRATIVE REFORMS AND PUBLIC GRIEVANCES OF THE MINISTRY OF PERSONNEL, PUBLIC GRIEVANCES AND PENSIONS. Sl. No. Types of Cases Channel of submission Level of final disposal 1. Parliamentary Matters (i) Replies to Starred Questions D.D. or U.S./D.S. or Dir./AS/ Secy. MOS (PP) (ii) Replies to Un-starred Questions and Assurances D.D. or U.S./D.S. or Director/ AS MOS (PP) (iii) Final replies to recommendations of Parliamentary Committees D.D. or US/DS or Director/ AS/ Secy. MOS (PP) (iv) Action taken note on the recommendations of Parliamentary Committees D.D. or US/D.S. or Dir./ AS MOS (PP) (v) Action Taken note on the recommendations of Parliamentary Committee D.D. or US/D.S. or Dir./AS Secretary (vi) Furnishing of replies to Questionnaire and other references received from Parliamentary Committee D.D. or U.S/D.S. or Director/ AS Secretary (vii) Furnishing of facts of Question to LokSabha/ Rajya Sabha Secretariat ADD or S.O/ D.D. or US/D.S. or Director AS 2. Notes for Cabinet or Committees of Cabinet (i) Note for Cabinet on matters concerning the Ministry D.D or U.S. /D.S. or Dir./AS/ Secy. MOS (PP)/PM (ii) Final Note for Committees of Cabinet on matters concerning the Ministry D.D, or US/ DS or Dir. AS/Secy MOS (PP) (iii) Comments on Note for Cabinet/Committee of Cabinet received from other Ministries/Department. (a) Notes relating to either questions of policy or matter concerning the work of the Ministry DS or DIR/ AS/ Secretary MOS (PP) (b) All other notes D.D. or U.S./D.S. or Dir. AS/Secretary 3. Notes for Committees of Secretaries (i) Notes on matters concerning the Ministry D.D. or US/DS or Dir. / AS MOS (PP)/ PM (ii) Notes received from other Ministries for comments (a) Matters involving major policy or important issues DD or US/ D.S. or Dir./ AS Secretary/ MOS (PP) (b) All other notes D.D. or U.S./ D.S. or Dir. AS 4. Cases before CAT/ High Court/Supreme Court (i) Decision on contesting writ petitions or filing appeals/ revisions petitions (a) Appointments made with ACC’s approval, as also all other appointments made to Group ‘A’ posts D.D. or U.S./D.S. or Dir./ AS MOS (PP) (b) All other appointments/ cases D.D. or U.S./ D.S. or Dir. AS (ii) Preparation of Para-wise comments and finalization of counter affidavit in cases (a) In which the ministry is a respondent and where the issues raised are covered by existing rules/ orders/ policy decisions. ADD or SO/ D.D.orU.S. DS or Director (b) Where the issues raised have major policy implications ADD or SO /DD or US AS/ Secretary (c) In other cases ADD or SO/ DD or US DS or Director (iii) Contempt petitions against Secretary/Minister ADD or S.O. /DD or US/DS or Dir./ AS Secretary (iv) Furnishing of comments on writ petitions in which the Ministry is a proformarespondent: Secretary (a) Where the issues raised is based on settled policy or clear precedent not involving exercise of any discretion. ADD or S.O./ D.D. or US / DS or Dir. DS or Director (b) Where the issues raised have major policy implications D.D. or U.S. / D.S. or Dir./ AS. AS 5. Replies to letters/ representations Received by MOS (PP) from MPs and other VIPS D.D. or US /DS or Dir./ AS MoS (PP) 6. Formulation or budget proposals Annual Plan proposals, Annual Action Plan etc. D.D. or U.S/ D.S. or Director/ AS 7. Furnishing of material for inclusion in the monthly summary for Cabinet /D.O letters to Cabinet Secretary relating to significant events, President’s Address to Parliament, Finance Minister’s budget speech. Annual Report of the Ministry, Induction note etc. D.D. or US/D.S. or Director AS 8. Furnishing of monthly statement Of pending Assurances/ letters from PMO/implementation of decisions of Cabinet/ cases pending over a month/ Quarterly progress report about use of Hindi. ADD or S.O. / D.D. or US DS or Director 9. Furnishing of briefs/ Action Taken Note for meeting of the Departmental Council (JSM) or other important meetings: (i) Briefs ADD or S.O./ D.D. or U.S./ D.S. or Director AS (ii) Action taken notes ADD or SO/ DD or US DS or Dir. 10. Notes / References to PMO DS or Director/ AS Secretary/ MOS (PP) 11. Extension of the period of deputation of ex-cadre posts beyond the initial 3 years: (i) For the 4th year DS or Director/ AS Secretary (ii) For the 5th year DS or Director/ AS MOS (PP) (iii) Beyond the 5th year (subject to consultation with Establishment Division) DS or Director/ AS MOS (PP) (iv) The norms set by it for the discharge of its functions: Any grievance received from the general public shall be acknowledged within three working days of receipt of the grievance petition. (v) The rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and records, held by it or under its control or used by its employees for discharging its functions: LIST OF REFERENCE BOOKS 1.Part I – General Rules  2.Part II- T.A. Rules 3.Part III- Central Civil Services (Leave) Rules 4.Part IV- Dearness Allowance, Dearness Relief and Ex Gratia to CPF Beneficiaries 5.Part V-HRA and CCA … 6.Swamy’s Pension Compilation incorporating CCS (Pension) Rules 7.Swamy’s Compilation of CCS (Commutation of Pension) Rules  8.Swamy’s CCS (Extraordinary Pension) Rules 9.Swamy’s Compilation on Central Government Employees’ Group Insurance Scheme  10.Swamy’s Compilation of Staff Car Rules 11.Swamy’s Compilation of Medical Attendance Rules 12.Swamy’s Compilation of CCS (CCA) Rules 13.Swamy’s Compilation of (Conduct) Rules 14.Swamy’s Compilation of General Provident Fund Rules 15.Swamy’s Compilation of Leave Travel Concession Rules 16.Swamy’s Compilation of Children’s Educational Assistance 17.Swamy’s Compilation of General Financial Rules 18.Swamy’s Compilation of Delegation of Financial Powers Rules 19.Swamy’s Compilation of House Building Advance Rules 20.Swamy’s Compilation on Suspension and Reinstatement 21.Swamy’s Compilation of Overtime Allowance Rules 22.Swamy’s CCS (Temporary Service) Rules, 1965 23.Swamy’s Compilation of New Pension Scheme 24.Central Secretariat Manual of Office Procedures 25. Central Secretariat e-Manual of Office Procedures. (vi) A statement of the categories of documents that are held by it or under its control; ADMN. & COORD DIVISION: (a) ADMINISTRATION AND COORDINATION 1. Service Book and personal files of all the employees. 2. Files relating to recruitment of Deputation cases. 3. ACRs of all employees below the rank of Under Secretary 4. Property documents of employees who have taken House Building Advance. 5. File relating to Disciplinary Cases. 6. Files relating to Medical Claims made by employees. 7. Files relating to all advances taken by the employees. 8. Files relating to purchase of furniture/ fixtures, stationary items, general office items, electronic, computer ACs etc. 9. Files relating to Annual Maintenance Contract. 10. Files relating to payment of telephone bills of office and residential telephone of officers who have been provided office telephones 11. Minutes of all the meetings. (b) O&M Division 1. Central Secretariat Manual of Office Procedure 2. Records Retention Schedule for Records Common to all Departments 3. Records Management in Government. 4. Guidelines for the improvement of the quality of services rendered through the telephone in public offices 3. Policy Guidelines for Website Development, Hosting and Maintenance. 4. Guidelines for Plan Scheme on Modernisation of Government Offices. (c) INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE & COOPERATION DIVISION 1. Files relating to international exchange and cooperation in the field of Civil Service, Personnel Management and Public Administration. 2. Files relating to International Institute of Administrative Sciences, Brussels, Belgium. 3. Files relating to Commonwealth Association for Public Administration and Management (CAPAM), Toronto, Canada  4. Files relating to e CAPAM International Innovations Awards Programme in India. 5. Files relating to CAPAM International Innovations Cascading Programme in India. 6. Files relating to MoU between India and Malaysia in the field of Civil Service, Personnel Management and Public Administration and follow-up action. 7. Files relating to MoU between India and China in the field of Civil Service, Personnel Management and Public Administration. 8. Files relating to management studies/ Impact studies related to administrative reforms, O&M aspects etc. in respect of Government organizations 9. Files relates to MoU with UNDP in the field of strengthening Public Administration and Governance.  (d) D&D DIVISION 1. Files pertaining to grant of financial assistance to State Governments/U.T. Administrations for professional documentation of best practices. 2. Files pertaining to organizing series of best practices and presentation of best practices.  3. Files pertaining to quarterly journal “Management in Government” (MIG), monthly newsletter “Civil Services News” (CSN). 4. Files pertaining to documentation and dissemination of best practices by production of documentary films. 5. Files pertaining to Research& Evaluation study.  6. Files pertaining to correspondence with persons contributing articles for publication in MIG. 7. Files pertaining to selection of articles for publication in MIG. 8. Files pertaining to collection of material for CSN. 9. Files pertaining to payment of honorarium to contributors of articles. 10. Files pertaining to matters concerning library. 11. Files pertaining to selection of Printers for MIG and CSN 12. Files pertaining to organization of Regional Conferences. 13. Files pertaining to Government Knowledge Centre (GKC) (e) ARC DIVISIONS 1. One copy each of the 20 reports submitted by the 1st Administrative Reforms Commission (1966-1970) and 15 reports submitted by the 2ndAdministrative Reforms Commission. The 15 reports of 2nd ARC are listed below.  S. No. Report Date of presentation to Government 1. Right to Information: Master Key to Good Governance  09.06.2006 2. Unlocking human capital: Entitlements and Governance – a Case Study  31.07.2006 3. Crisis Management: From Despair to Hope  31.10.2006 4 Ethics in Governance  12.02.2007 5. Public Order : Justice for each … Peace for all  26.06.2007 6. Local Governance 27.11.2007 7. Capacity Building for Conflict Resolution – Friction to Fusion  17.03.2008 8. Combating Terrorism 17.09.2008 9. Social Capital – A Shared Destiny 08.10.2008 10. Refurbishing of Personnel Administration – Scaling New Heights  27.11.2008 11. Promoting e-Governance – The Smart Way Forward 20.01.2009 12. Citizen Centric Administration – The Heart of Governance  30.03.2009 13. Organisational structure of Government of India  19.05.2009 14. Strengthening Financial Management System  26.05.2009 15. State and District Administration  29.05.2009 (f) AR DIVISION 1. Scheme of PM Awards  2. Guidelines of State collaboration Initiative Scheme. 3. Books released on Civil Services Day. (g) E-GOVERNANCE DIVISION 1. Files relating to implementation of e-Office Mission Mode Project.  2. Files relating to National Conference on e-Governance 3. Files relating to National Awards on e-Governance. 4. Files relating to Implementation of Master e-Governance Training Plan.  5. Files relating to 11th Report of Second ARC. (h) PG DIVISION 1. Compilation of guidelines for redress of Public Grievance-2010 that includes guidelines on Citizens Charter and Information Facilitation Counters. 2. Guidelines for Sevottam Compliance-June 2010. 3. Guidelines for Sevottam Compliance-September 2011. 4. Our Sevottam Journey-September 2011. 5. Service Quality Manual-Procedure as per IS 15700:2005. 6. Sevottam: A continuing journey-write-up 2014 The following are available in digitized form on website 7. Citizens’ charter of the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances. 8. Files on policy formulation relating to Citizens’ charters, IFCs, Public Grievance Redress. 9. Files relating to publication of advertisement on nodal officers for citizens’ charters, Directors of Public Grievances and contact officers for IFCs. 10. Monitoring and Review meetings records- (vii) The particulars of any arrangement that exists for consultation with, or representation by the member of the public in relation to the formulation of its policy or implementation thereof: The Department’s website http://darpg.nic.in/ acts as an information tool for the general public and thus facilitates in the implementation of the policies. The Department organizes meetings, seminars and workshops on Best Practices chaired by Cabinet Secretary where besides state Governments even NGO’s can share/give presentation on innovative ideas /projects. Its purpose is to share the ideas/innovation and successful experience with rest of the states.  There exists a system of consultation with NGOs, Citizens groups, RWAs and members of public while formulating policy relating to Public Grievances and Citizens’ charters.  (viii) A statement of the boards, councils, committees and other bodies consisting of two or more persons constituted as its part or for the purpose of its advice, and as to whether meetings of those boards, councils, committees and other bodies are open to the public, or the minutes of such meetings are accessible for public; (a) Department of Official Language Implementation Committee is headed by Director(Admn.). Not open for public. (b) Screening Committee to examine and clear the proposals received from the Ministries/Departments for allocations of funds under the Plan Scheme of the Department of AR&PG ‘Modernization of Government Offices’. The Committee is chaired by the Additional Secretary of this Department and has members drawn from Integrated Finance Division of this Department, Central Public Works Department, National Informatics Centre and Planning Commission. Its meetings are not open for public. (c) Evaluation Committee for soliciting and evaluating the books written originally in Hindi on the subjects of ‘Public Administration and Management Studies’ is headed by AS (AR&PG). (d) Screening/Expert/Empowered Committee for evaluation of good governance initiatives for PM Awards. These Committees are not open to public.  (e) 1. Standing Committee in respect of grievances of officers of the level of Joint Secretary and above. 2. Standing Committee of Secretaries for Public Grievance redress 3. Core Group on citizen charters and facilitation counters. (Neither of these Committees are open to public nor the proceedings of the Committees are of any relevance to general public.) (Some of the above Committees has as its members retired Professors and retired Government servants.) (f) Steering Committee to oversee production and telecast of documentary series for creating awareness and dissemination of information on e-governance is headed by AS(AR&PG)  (ix) A directory of its officers and employees (x) The monthly remuneration received by each of its officers and employees, including the system of compensation as provided in its regulations (xi) Budget allocated to each of its agency, indicating the particulars of all plans, proposed expenditures and reports on disbursement made Expenditure under Plan Scheme for 2015-16 - Rs.15.11 Crores. Budget allocation under Plan Scheme for 2016-17 - Rs.23.00 Crores. For Plan Scheme on Administrative Reforms is Rs. 2.00 Crore for EAP-UNDP project. Non-Plan for 2015-16 Sr. No. Objective Head  Allocated 2015-16 (Rs. Inthousand) Expenditure (Rs. Inthousand ) 1. Salaries 87400 85011 2. Wages 3400 3400 3. OTA 15 13 4. Medical 1533 1522 5. Domestic Travel Exp. 2544 2400 6. Foreign Travel Exp. 0 0 7. Office Exp. 9650 3592 8. Publication 730 705 9. Other Admn. Exp. 1100 1092 10. Other Charges 7 7 11. Contribution 508 508 12. I.T.(O.C) 2500 2297 TOTAL  109387 106547 Budget allocation under Non-Plan for 2016-17 - Rs.130790 Thousand. (xii) The manner of execution of subsidy programmes, including the amounts allocated and the details of beneficiaries of such programmes: Department does not administer any programme involving subsidy. (xiii) Particulars of recipients of concessions, permits or authorization granted by it: -NIL- (xiv) Details in respect of information, available to or held by it, reduced in an electronic form: may visit Website of DARPG – http://darpg.gov.in/ where so many reports/manuals/documents/ films on best practices etc are available.  (xv)The particulars of facilities available to citizens for obtaining information, including the working hours of a library or reading room, if maintained for public use: Information may be obtained from website of DARPG – http://darpg.gov.in/ The Department has also fixed a time on every Wednesday 10.00 A.M. to 1.00 P.M. where the Director (Public Grievances), Room No.507, Fifth Floor,Sardar Patel Bhavan, New Delhi, redresses the grievance of the public in person. (xvi) Names, designations and other particulars of the Public Information Officers (xvii)Foreign visits/training programmes conducted by the Department from January, 2012 till date (xviii) Domestic visits/training programmes conducted by the Department from January, 2012 till date