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e-Office – A Digital Workplace Solution: NIC

Adoption of pre-existing legacy practices by Government departments leads to lack of transparency,
accountability and delay in decision-making which in turn results in slowness in public service
delivery. In addition to this, Government transactions, be they with citizens, other Governments,
businesses or internal, have one core element i.e. Decision Making, which is delayed in the absence
of e-Governance.
National Informatics Centre (NIC) has been continuously working towards a meaningful use of
emerging technologies in governance across all levels of Government by executing key IT projects
and thus playing a significant role in delivering citizen centric e-services. e-Office is one of the key
IT projects of NIC, aimed at improving internal efficiencies in an organization through electronic
administration leading to informed and quicker decision making, which in turn results in better public
service delivery.
e-Office initiated in year 2009, with the objective to improve the Government functioning through
more efficient, effective and transparent Inter-Government and Intra-Government transactions and
processes. It is a complete digital work place solution for Government offices and is based on Central
Secretariat Manual of e-Office Procedure (CSMeOP), formulated by Department of Administrative
Reforms and Public Grievances (DAR&PG).

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