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2. Knowledge Management System (KMS): KMS component of e-Office brought the concept of
    central repository of documents, from where all Ministry(s)/Department(s) users can publish as
    well as access the information. KMS controls the life cycle of documents of an organization,
    enabling users to create and manage electronic documents that can be viewed, searched, shared
    and published. It is also capable of keeping track of the different versions of modified documents
    by different users (Tracking history). It also contains a dynamic workflow to keep document in
    various stages. This product promotes convenient way for searching and effortless document
    sharing. It organizes content in a logical way, and standardizes content creation and presentation
    across an organization.

3. Leave Management System (eLeave): eLeave is a centralized system for the maintenance of
    leave record. It is a simple intuitive workflow based system to apply for leave online, track the
    status of applied leave, details of leaves taken, balance leaves, etc. Approval of leave is enabled
    through the automated hierarchical channel of submission and leave is routed to the hierarchy that
    is pre-defined in the work flow. The leave rules are configured as per the existing Government
    rules and leave processing is role based. The system helps to eliminate the paper based
    applications and faster and time bound processing. It helps employees in tracking of their leaves
    with SMS & e-Mail based alerts.

4. Tour Management System (eTour): eTour is a system that facilitates the management of
    employee tour programmes, from the time of applying for the tour to the final settlement of bills.
    This system ensures that all tour requests are properly accounted. Employees can apply, cancel,
    approve/reject and view tour records.

5. Smart Performance Appraisal Report Recording Online Window (SPARROW): SPARROW
    is a web- based application designed specifically for the officials of the Government of India to
    file and process their APAR (Annual Performance Appraisal Report) electronically. SPARROW
    has streamlined the process of recording and processing of APARs thus making the system
    paperless. The system also provides dashboard facility which enables the service controlling
    authority to monitor the status such as Officers Posted, Pendency at various levels, APARs
    Processed and Closed, etc. SPARROW helps in reducing delays in submission and processing of
    APARs and ensures transparency by tracking the movement of APAR. The system has also
    streamlined the DPC process by providing various data analytics reports such as grading, domain
    specialization reports, etc.

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