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Expected Outcomes
1. Quick Decision Making and Faster Delivery of Services:

         a. Access of Files Any Where Any Time
         b. Faster movement of files in real time irrespective of geographical locations.
         c. Delays removed because of transparency and accountability.
2. Elimination of Corruption, Venal Practices and Red Tapism:
         a. Personal priorities/discretions eliminated because of transparency and accountability.
         b. Deleting/ replacing the notings or tearing of files etc cannot be even thought of.
3. Accountability and Transparency:
         a. Citizen’s can track the papers they have submitted to an office.
         b. Pendency Monitoring.
4. Environment Friendly and Go Green Initiative:
         a. Tonnes of papers are saved which in turn saves trees.
         b. Infrastructure like Printers, Cartridges, Cupboards, and Office Spaces are also saved.
         c. Saving on Account of travel for transporting of files from one location to other.
5. Files and Data can never be lost and stored for perpetuity
         a. Government functioning is not at all impacted due to natural disasters.
         b. Officials could work on their files seamlessly, in secured and safe manner from


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