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V. Srinivas, lAS
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ADDITIONAL SECRETARY                                                             g~m=tACf~l aftt • fiilCfllt:l(1~

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                                                                                                   GOVERNMENT OF INDIA
                                                                             MINISTRY OF PERSONNEL, PUBLIC GRIEVANCES & PENSIONS

                                                                                     DEPARTMENT OF ADMINISTRATIVE REFORMS &
                                                                                                    PUBLIC GRIEVANCES

                                                                                         SARDAR PATELSHAVAN, SANSAD MARG
                                                                                                      NEW DELHI-110001


        The Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances is the Nodal
Department for prescribing procedures for Secretariat Works which are comprehensively
embodied in Central Secretariat Manual of Office Procedure (CSMOP). It gives me
immense pleasure to share the 15th edition of CSMOP.The new Edition acknowledges and
incorporates the role of technology for achieving accuracy, efficiency & transparency in
administration. The incorporation of e-office is one such important step. This Edition also
takes into consideration the suggestions received from various Ministries/Departments,
the National Informatics Centre (NIC), the National Archives of India (NAI) and

Committees constituted for the purpose.

        In its effort to enable the Central Secretariat in its march towards a Digital
Secretariat the following features has been included in the Manual :-

~ CSMOP2019 has 16 Chapters.
~ Three new chapters have been added viz. Decision Making in the Govt., Knowledge

    Management and Digitization Framework.
~ Provisionfor officers of the rank of DS and above to obtain Virtual Private Network.
~ Provisionfor officers of the rank of ASOand above to obtain DSC.
~ The e-offlce procedure has been incorporated in the form of e-boxes in the

    chapters wherever applicable.
~ Definitions have been categorised as Glossaryand given at the end of CSMOP.

         I am sure that the manual will go a long way in transforming the Central
Secretariat from physical system to the electronic system. I am thus very hopeful that the
manual will come out as an important tool of e-governance and give boost to the Digital

India initiatives for the benefit of the common masses.


         For those who are working in the Government and for future entrants, the Manual
will be an invaluable source of training, guidance and reference.

Dated: December 19, 2019                                                     Jls

                                                                             (V. Srinivas)

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